Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva

What inspires your writing?

Have your ever stopped to think about what inspires your writing or what experiences have shaped your characters or plot?

Is it a midnight stroll around the lake or maybe an exotic vacation with the family? Or maybe it’s a horrible weekend of betrayal and dismay. Regardless of where you find your inspiration, you must hone in on each experience and find ways to develop your writing as well as enjoy each journey of your life.

People think that only positive experiences can influence our writing, but that’s not true. Hurt and pain can inspire our writing just as much as hope and love. I guess the question is — how do you handle each experience in your life? How do you allow it to bleed into your writing?

I remember when I first got the idea of the book series about my daughter. I would sit for hours and watch her color, jump on the bed or devour a messy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was mesmerized by this angelic world that she had created. Her active playtime had become my new inspiration.

At the end of the day, our lives aren’t perfect. But they are imperfectly perfect…so use each chaotic day or each breathtaking day as fuel for your writing.

Enjoy the journey!

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