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What are your new year’s resolution writing goals for 2019?

When planning for the new year, it’s common to focus on losing weight, having better health, and paying down debt, but how many writers create a goal that is specific to writing? Whether your plan is to write more content or to revamp your writing style, it is important to have a plan for the upcoming year. Think about it for a moment, what are your new year’s resolution writing goals for 2019?

As I ease into the new year, my number one goal is to stay consistent and ultimately write more content. This has been a struggle for me. Wearing multiple hats comes with many rewards, but it is no easy task. Just finding 30 minutes per day to whine down is difficult within itself, but finding a block of time to actually write meaningful text can seem impossible at times.

About two years ago, I started scheduling daily activities into my mobile calendar. It reminds me to pick up my daughter from school, to cook dinner, to wash clothes, etc. It also reminds me to write. This is a great organization tool that allows me to maximize my time and stay on schedule.

My goal is to block out at least an hour or two every week to writing. In a perfect world I could write full-time and devote way more time to writing, but until that perfect world surfaces, I’ll continue with my schedule and see where it takes me.

What are your writing goals? Please share!

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