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Ways to Promote Your Book

Wearing multiple hats and balancing your time between the creative side and the business side can be very difficult.  Most authors would rather spend their time writing their next book versus advertising it.  We forget that showcasing our wonderful piece of work to the world is equally important as writing it.

In the beginning, I didn’t understand the business aspect of things.  I went to the local library and checked out a few books regarding building your platform as an author.  One of the major things that I learned is to not be shy about discussing my book, my success, and my credentials with others.  I am quiet and more on the reserved side.  Rarely, do I mention my accolades with anyone, especially strangers.

I’ve learned some valuable tips that have helped me market my first book, Broccoli Chronicles, an inspiring chapter book that follows Myrtle Beckle and her quest to cure cancer through broccoli.

Below is a list of 10 tips that will help you market your first book!

1. Become a LibraryThing and Goodreads author.

2. Create a profile page for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

3. Join organizations such as: IBPA, SCBWI, and ABA.

4. Locate opportunities for book signings and book readings at local libraries, bookstores, and elementary schools.

5. Frequently blog and write articles about your book and/or topics pertaining to your book and the publishing world.

6. Email your press release to weeklies, local newspaper columns, and magazine companies.

7. Attend book fairs and local book events such as: the UCLA Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

8. Apply for book awards such as: the Eric Hoffer Award and the Benjamin Franklin Book Award.

9. Solicit book reviews from professional colleagues in your field or editorial reviews from places such as: Library Journal or Publisher’s Weekly.

10. Join writing groups and forums such as: Nathan Bransford, Critique Circle, Book Blogs, Indie Authors, and more.

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