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Ways to Grow Your Indie Publishing Company

Ways to grow your business and make more money

Everyone wants to be listed in the Fortune 500 as one of the top earning companies and people in the world.  The million dollar question is…how do we get there? How do we grow our company?

I started my indie publishing company, Building Voices, back in 2011.  The first two years, I wasn’t actively promoting my business, but instead, I was researching the publishing market and perfecting my craft as a children’s author.  Sometime in 2013, I began creating profile pages such as: Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, About.Me, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and many more.  Along the way, I have learned that networking, marketing, and word of mouth will grow your business quicker than anything else.

In addition to creating these pages, I began to reach out to people through various online forums.  I would favorite their tweets, post inspirational quotes, and provide feedback to authors with publishing questions.  Finally, in November 2014, I published my first title, Broccoli Chronicles.  I wish I would’ve published it earlier in the year so that I had the rest of the year to publish more titles, giving me better rankings for 2014.

One major key to growing your company is to publish at least five to ten titles per year.  You get better rankings when you have more books and supplementary materials available because your customers have options on what to purchase which can lead to increased sales.  This doesn’t mean that you should publish garbage for the sake of getting your name out there.  Make sure that everything you publish has a certain character and quality to it.

After you have published at least ten titles and you are familiar with the publishing industry, it might be time for you to start signing other authors to your company.  Make sure that you look for people who already have a platform in their field, whether they are a fiction or nonfiction author.  It’s easier to deal with someone who already has a following and a vision for their work.  Also, you should research the ends and outs of contracts and royalties.  Contracts are binding so you want the best deal possible.  Continue to market your company and look for new talent each day.  By the end of five years or so, your business should be bringing in a substantial amount of money.

There’s no guarantee that any of us will ever be the next J.K. Rowling or Random House, but we owe it to ourselves to try to be the best that we can be.


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