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Tips for Self-Publishing Your Book

Advice and tips on publishing a book

Here are 5 tips for self-publishing your book!

1. Build your author platform – Make sure that you start building a fan base at least 1-2 years prior to releasing your book. Start by connecting with people on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media sites.

You also want to create your own website and start a blog. Try to be very strategic in your planning. Blog about topics that you are knowledgeable about and topics that are similar to your book. For example, if you are a chef and you’ve written a cookbook, then try to blog about food. Share with your readers healthy eating and cooking tips or share a few of your favorite recipes.

2. Hire the right staff – Make sure that you have the right team members in place i.e. editor, graphic designer, publisher, publicist, etc. Many first-time authors experience publishing nightmares because they hire people who don’t understand their vision and the direction they want to take their book. Having the right people in place can add value to your book and overall sales.

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Hire people who listen and communicate effectively. Also, you should hire people who are great note takers and can think inside and outside of the box.

Ultimately, you want to work with people who desire to help and not hinder your process.

3. Have a budget – Make sure that you have enough money to fund your book. You’ll need money to hire staff in addition to purchasing the following: an ISBN, a barcode, copyright fees, printing costs, and more.

Don’t short change yourself due to budgeting issues. It’s a great idea to shop around for deals, but you don’t want to produce a poor quality book just to save a buck.

4. Divide your time properly – Make sure that you have enough time and energy to see this book to the end. Often times, work, family, kids, and life in general can get in the way which makes us lose focus of our timelines and deadlines. Remember to pace yourself, stay focused, and organized. If you desire to release your book in December then start at least one year in advance and continue to prioritize your duties and responsibilities in order to see your book finalized at the end of the year.

5. Don’t stress – Make sure that there is a healthy balance in your life. Try not to stress and remember to focus only on those things that are in your control. This can be a very draining process so continue to stay happy and hopeful and always keep a smile on your face.
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