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Tips for maintaining a healthy balance in your writing career

In this current society, everyone wants to be successful regardless of the cost and toll it takes on their family and health. People are willing to work long hours with no breaks, no leisure activity or without the proper exercise. Writers spend most of their day building their brand, networking with customers, marketing their product, and so forth. It is important to maintain a healthy balance in your writing career especially if you’re expecting to keep up with this line of work for the long haul.

1. To prevent burnout
2. To maintain your sanity
3. To maintain stability and longevity
4. To keep the creative juices flowing
5. To think clearly and logically

Making sure that you have a clear thought process and preventing physical and mental burnout will help you keep a positive balance in your writing career.

1. Wearing too many hats without having the proper systems in place.
2. Neglecting time throughout the day to relax and reflect.
3. Putting your career before your family and your health.
4. Not surrounding yourself around the right people and support system.
5. Trying to achieve success too quickly.

It’s not healthy to put all of your energy into your work and never have anytime for family or to do fun and relaxing things with your friends. Also, you should hang around people or go places that inspire your writing.

1. Exercise frequently
2. Take breaks
3. Spend time with family
4. Find a quiet and relaxing place to write
5. Prioritize the major events
6. Learn to say no
7. Learn that success takes time
8. Become a lifelong learner
9. Study your craft
10. Pace yourself
11. Don’t damage your brand
12. Take refresher writing courses
13. Develop a healthy diet
14. Join a writing group
15. Have balance in your home
16. Don’t let stress build up
17. Relax and rest
18. Work on you

It’s impossible to help others when you’re not able to help yourself. Therefore, put the following tips into practice and start this new journey filled with balance and healthy life choices.

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