Useful tips for authors to leap further in their career

In the Northern Hemisphere, March 1st is the beginning of the spring season which is associated with growth, rebirth, and new beginnings. This is the time of year when people feel rejuvenated and renewed and are willing to rededicate themselves to their true passion. So how can we apply this to our writing? Take a look at the quote below.

“Creativity is always a leap of faith. You’re faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage.”–Julia Cameron

To me, this quote means that we are given another opportunity to start over from the beginning and we owe it to ourselves to believe in our inner abilities in order for greatness to come forward. What does it mean to you? Please share your comments.

January and March are two very important months for writers. January allows us to write new goals and resolutions for the year and March allows us to renew and spring forward our ideas. If you didn’t take your new year’s resolution seriously, then March provides you with a blank canvas so that you can start over. Here are 4 tips to redirect your writing:

1. Understand your calling:
If you know without a reasonable doubt that you’re meant to be a writer, then stop fighting it. Use your talent to change the world.

2. Do your research:
Don’t jump into binding contracts with your blinders on. Either hire an attorney, a literary agent, or do extensive research on traditional publishing, self-publishing, vanity presses, subsidy presses, and royalty contracts.

3. Embrace your new canvas:
You were given a blank canvas so that you can start over. Embrace your new canvas, but try not to get stuck again. Keep moving forward.

4. Revisit your goals:

Reread your writing goals at least once a month so that you will stay on track. Use these goals as a reference point to hold yourself accountable and keep you focused.

If you’ve gotten off track, will you take that leap of faith and start over? Will you wipe your slate clean and recommit yourself? Use March as your second chance to leap into becoming a better writer.


Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva is an authorpreneur, teacher, blogger, educational consultant, and writing coach. She wrote the award-winning Broccoli Chronicles and is the CEO of Building Voices and TCD Kids Foundation. She tweets at @taneekabdasilva.

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