Here are the mistakes that new authors make

Writers make tons of mistakes early on in their writing career. Some mistakes result from a lack of dedication and persistence, but most arise when there is no plan put in place. Here are the top 3 mistakes that writers often make.

1. Not having a marketing plan
Not having a clear marketing plan or not having one at all can cause total havoc on your writing career. It forces you to make impromptu decisions versus calculated one’s which ultimately can be devastating for your book. A marketing plan should be a guide to help you achieve success. It should help you determine your target audience, provide you with selling tips on how to reach that audience, and supply you with ways to gain even more customers. If you don’t already have a plan in place, it’s time for you to write one. Here are a few things to include:

• Description of your book
• Goals and objectives
• Target audience
• Marketing budget
• Marketing analysis
• Marketing strategy

2. Expecting your book to sell itself
Authors make the terrible mistake of thinking that their book will actually sell itself. Books are not people and therefore cannot advocate for themselves. They are incapable of holding up a ‘buy me’ sign or calling local bookstores asking if they can be shelved. As the author, you are responsible for networking with bookstores and sustaining your online and in-person presence in order to market yourself and sell your books.

3. Expecting overnight success
Many authors expect the ‘J.K. Rowling success’ overnight. It normally takes a lot of perseverance, dedication, and commitment before that happens (if it ever does). Many authors are eager to quit their day jobs in hopes of earning a full-time salary as a writer. Truth is…few authors are able to support themselves on a writer’s salary. Many must get part-time teaching jobs or contract work on the side in order to support their families. Understand that good things take time and most likely it will take a lot of marketing, networking, tweeting, blogging, etc before your book becomes a hit.


Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva is an authorpreneur, teacher, blogger, educational consultant, and writing coach. She wrote the award-winning Broccoli Chronicles and is the CEO of Building Voices and TCD Kids Foundation. She tweets at @taneekabdasilva.

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