Selecting a print on demand vendor can be challenging for any self-publisher or small press.

Which is better for you?  Lightning Source or IngramSpark?

Lightning Source is more designed for medium to large publishing companies whereas IngramSpark is more suitable for self-publishers.  Both vendors have a very similar online layout and submission requirement.

The major difference that I’ve noticed is between paperbacks and ebooks.  Lightning Source has a better distribution channel for paperbacks and IngramSpark has a better distribution channel for ebooks.  At first, I didn’t like the idea of having two different print on demand vendors to work with.  I wanted to list all of my titles with the same vendor.  I eventually went with Lightning Source for my paperbacks and IngramSpark for ebooks.

There are other vendors such as Lulu and Createspace so don’t hesitate to shop around and find what works for you.  I’ve had tons of success with Lightning Source and IngramSpark so I plan to continue publishing my titles with them.

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Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva is an authorpreneur, teacher, blogger, educational consultant, and writing coach. She wrote the award-winning Broccoli Chronicles and is the CEO of Building Voices and TCD Kids Foundation. She tweets at @taneekabdasilva.

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