Below are reading stepping stones and suggestions of great books to purchase for your children to read.

Stage 1: Baby Books – Age 0-3

These books are for infants and toddlers. They usually consist of alphabet sounds, books about color, lullabies and nursery rhymes.

Example: Goodnight Moon

Stage 2: Picture Books – Age 4-8

These are hardcover books filled with tons of color and illustrations. The storyline is usually short and simple.

Example: Pinkalicious

Stage 3: Easy Readers – Age 6-8

These are usually paperback books. They are easy to read and for those that are just starting to read paragraphs.

Example: Junie B series

Stage 4: Chapter Books – Age 7-10

These books are normally found in series with very little to no illustrations. These books look and feel just like a normal book, but often times the chapters are shorter and the print is larger than a YA book.

Example: Little Kids, Big Voices series

Stage 5: Middle Grade – Age 8-12

These books have longer chapters and the storyline is more advanced. The overall length of the book is longer and the vocabulary is more complex.

Example: Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

Stage 6: Young Adult – Age 12+

These books address typical teenage problems with multiple characters and themes. The word count for this stage is 40,000+.

Example: Chronicles of Narnia series

Likes: My favorite color is green and I love to eat grilled broccoli and cheese sandwiches. Actually, I love broccoli with everything. My best friend is the robin who hangs out in my backyard and I love all subjects especially Reading.

Dislikes: I do not like the NEVC (No Eating Vegetable Club) because they do not eat their vegetables. The color pink looks like vomit and it makes me sad when Papa forgets Mr. Doodlebug. I especially do not like Maria Diarrhea because she smells like…….well, you just have to find out for yourself.

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