Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva

She is my writing inspiration

What exactly inspires you and your writing? What sparks your creativity and pushes you to dig deeper into your abilities? Is it your family? Maybe your past relationships? Or maybe a history of abuse? Perhaps it’s that night when your whole life changed and you finally felt like you could breathe again?

Everyone is motivated by something. For some people it’s internal and others it’s external. For some it’s love and for others it’s hate. There is a story inside all of us that is dying to come out, only if we let it. I am a strong believer that we must connect with something that makes us feel alive in order for our writing to become alive or else our passion will die.

Being a children’s author, I am inspired by children. I enjoy watching them play in the park, eat ice cream, play with their toys, and every other whimsical thing that captures their attention.

Since I became a mother, my daughter began to shape a lot of my creativity. She is my writing inspiration. It amazes me at how much energy, personality, creativity, and joy she brings to the world. I am baffled at how one hour of playtime can create a magical kingdom of unicorns and princesses. Spending time with her truly pushes me to expand my ideas and become more creative.

If you are an inspiring writer who is trying to find your voice and a place in this field, you need to determine what inspires you and motivates you to write. Once you do that, draw from that motivation and let it drive your writing to the next level.





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