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Self-Publishing: Utilize Your Amazon Author Page Part 3

Self-publishing authors should utilize their amazon author page in order to increase sales

Welcome to the 3rd segment of Utilizing Your Amazon Author Page!

Your Amazon Author Page is a great resource for all authors, but especially for self-publishers who has chosen a different route than traditional publishing.  Selling books through Amazon has become one of the top resources for self-publishers so utilizing this page correctly can be a big plus for book sales.

In part 1, we discussed the advantages of customer reviews and how it logs the comments that were written for your book.  Reviews can be persuasive and convince the customer to BUY IT NOW!  In part 2, we covered the product details section which provides specific information including the age range, the page count, and the dimensions of your book.

Today, we will address the purpose of a book description (also known as a blurb).

The description is a vital component to your Amazon Author Page because it immediately pitches the story to your customers plus it helps them understand the main idea and plot to your book.  A catchy description might lead to more sales whereas a poorly written one will cause the customer to search for something else.  Take a look at the description for Little Kids, Big Voices Math Workbook, Grades 1-3.  See below.

This description covers all of the major components that are needed in just 4-6 sentences.  It’s not too long plus it identifies its target age, its goal or purpose, and it gives a little background on the qualifications of the writer.  Very long descriptions can become a burden to read especially when you’ve read through at least 20 of them.  Try to keep your descriptions catchy, but short and concise!

Please, DO NOT rush through writing your description.  Take the time to edit it and rewrite it as many times as needed.  If you can, join a writing group and share it with them.  You’ll be pleased in the end! Visit Author Central to revise and edit your account.

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2 thoughts on “Self-Publishing: Utilize Your Amazon Author Page Part 3

  1. I love Taneeka’s helpful blog posts! After reading this I took action and created my Amazon Author Page. I would of never thought of doing this if I didn’t read her post! I just created it and am excited that it’s out there now. Another great way to promote yourself. Thank you Taneeka!

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