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Self-Publishing Decisions: Paperback vs. ebook?

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Paperback vs. ebook is a popular topic that seems to have many audience members divided.  Some like the touch and feel of crisp pages whereas others like the convenience of downloading their favorite book wherever and whenever they like.

Check out the following articles and weigh in on the pros and cons.

1. Paperback vs. ebook: the staging ground…

2. Paperback vs. ebook: War of Words

3. E-books vs. Paperbacks: Why digital wins, period

As a self-publisher, I think it’s a great idea to try both.  Consider starting off with an ebook version first and as customers demand for it, began phasing in a paperback version.  I have found that the costs of producing an ebook are a lot cheaper.  The fees to upload the file to a POD printer is significantly less, plus you eliminate extra costs such as ordering a proof which can run around $30 or so.  Regardless of the format you chose, make sure that you do your search and more importantly, don’t become so overwhelmed with your decision-making that you forget to actually publish your book!

Which do you prefer?  Paperback or ebook?  Please share your thoughts!

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3 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Decisions: Paperback vs. ebook?

  1. I prefer paper books. There is something personal about having a physical library to reference. Even if I pass a book along or loan it out, knowing it’s a part of my personal library is special.

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