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Book Format: The Copyright Page

The copyright page is essential to the formatting of your book and should include the following items:

1. Publisher’s logo

2. Publisher’s contact information

3. Copyright date and notice

4. Publication date

5. Cataloging information

6. The author, editor, graphic designer, and illustrator credits

7. ISBN number

8. Library of congress number

9. Where the book was printed

10. Copyright infringement statements

What’s the big deal?

The copyright page also known as the edition notice contains the most valuable information about your book so plan on bookstores, librarians, and retailers locating it.  It helps bookstores determine how to shelf your book so either hire an excellent PCIP Cataloger or obtain your CIP from the Library of Congress. It also provides customers with infringement statements which prevent others from copying your work without your permission.


Where does the copyright page go?

The copyright page is normally on the left hand side and goes directly behind the main title page.  Some books have mini-title pages that include only the title, but the main title page usually includes the authors name, the publisher, and where the book was published.

Take a look at the copyright page for Broccoli Chronicles.

Notice that the copyright page is thorough. It contains the items mentioned above in addition to a few others – trademark information and where to find educational resources. It is clean, crisp, and easy to read. Make sure that your copyright page is professional and appealing to customers.

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