Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva

Reading Stepping Stones

Below are reading stepping stones and suggestions of great books to purchase for your children to read.

Stage 1: Baby Books – Age 0-3

These books are for infants and toddlers. They usually consist of alphabet sounds, books about color, lullabies and nursery rhymes.

Example: Goodnight Moon

Stage 2: Picture Books – Age 4-8

These are hardcover books filled with tons of color and illustrations. The storyline is usually short and simple.

Example: Pinkalicious

Stage 3: Easy Readers – Age 6-8

These are usually paperback books. They are easy to read and for those that are just starting to read paragraphs.

Example: Junie B series

Stage 4: Chapter Books – Age 7-10

These books are normally found in series with very little to no illustrations. These books look and feel just like a normal book, but often times the chapters are shorter and the print is larger than a YA book.

Example: Little Kids, Big Voices series

Stage 5: Middle Grade – Age 8-12

These books have longer chapters and the storyline is more advanced. The overall length of the book is longer and the vocabulary is more complex.

Example: Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

Stage 6: Young Adult – Age 12+

These books address typical teenage problems with multiple characters and themes. The word count for this stage is 40,000+.

Example: Chronicles of Narnia series

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