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Publishers who wear multiple hats – is this good or bad?

Too many hats

Some say that there’s a downside to wearing multiple hats. Their argument is supported by the figure of speech Jack of all trades, master of none which indicates that some people are knowledgeable in many areas, but never master any of them.

They also argue that wearing multiple hats is a deterrent for customers because it confuses them. They feel that customers should understand the product and the brand messaging right away. And if there’s confusion on who’s the author or publisher, then this can deter them from purchasing your product.

But if you’re the illustrator as well as the author, and your product and brand messaging are clear then multi-tasking or wearing multiple hats shouldn’t be an issue for your customers.

Wearing many hats has become the basis for some startup companies and new indie publishers. At the inception, business owners crave those that can wear multiple hats (check emails, answer phones, attend events, handle the bookkeeping, etc) because they usually don’t have the funds to pay people individually. In the indie publishing world, the author and publisher or the editor and marketing specialist are often the same people. This creative technique saves time and money, which are valuable to small companies.

So…is multi-tasking characterized as ADD-like behavior? Can it cause more stress and less productivity or is it the sole basis of a new company? Please share your thoughts!

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