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Pros and cons of paperback and hardcover

Readers can sometimes be very picky of the type of cover they want to purchase. It is very common to get board books for children because they are printed on thick paperboard which is more durable, but what is the preferred cover for adults?

Many readers have been surveyed across the world offering their feedback in favor and against both styles. Whether you’re interested in something more affordable or more sturdy, this can determine how you make your purchase.

Goodreads conducted a poll in which thousands of people weighed in on the conversation about whether a paperback or hardcover was more suitable for their personal taste. Out of about 20,000 votes, roughly 57% preferred paperback over hardcover.

There was another poll done by SKMB in which 37 people voted. Of the 37 people, 70.3% preferred hardcover.

This last poll was taken on my Facebook page. Of the 22 people who responded so far, 16 preferred a hardcover.

All three polls give valuable insight into what readers are looking for. Personally, I prefer paperbacks because they are more affordable and easier to carry in your purse, but below are a few of the pros and cons to consider.

1. More affordable
2. Easier to carry

1. Easily destroyed
2. Cover gets bent

1. More durable
2. Easier to display
3. Longer shelf life

1. More expensive
2. Heavier
3. Book sleeve

The next time you decide to purchase a book, try to find out your primary needs – do you want the book to look nice on your shelf or are you interested in a quick read? And then, go from there.


Paperback or ebook?

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