Los Angeles, CA: Today, Building Voices, an independent publishing company that specializes in Children’s Fiction, announced their new Kickstarter project. After creating the Kickstarter account nearly two weeks ago, Building Voices is increasing its fan base with over 50 Twitter followers and 28 likes on Facebook.

Building Voices’ CEO Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva said, “Knowing that parents and teachers support our movement has been one of my proudest moments as an educator. I’ve worked with children for over ten years and one of the major issues that they face is their inability and lack of passion to read. Our goal is for more children to devote their time to reading.”

About Building Voices: Building Voices is a children’s publishing company based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2011, Building Voices is steadily gaining interest from parents, teachers and school officials. Building Voices is scheduled to publish their first book in December 2014 called Little Kids, Big Voices: Broccoli Chronicles.

2 Thoughts on “New Kickstarter Project Encourages More Children to Read

  1. Daniel Manzo on May 31, 2014 at 3:21 am said:

    I can truly and confidently say that Ms. Bourgeois is a teacher who cares for her students. Reflecting back to my senior year in high school, she was like a parent encouraging students to be their best in every possible way. She would have those moments of frustration with the students that would continuously slack off and just give up, but if there is something about a parent, it is their willingness to comprehend and take their time with the students who need it. Ms. Bourgeois was not only a teacher, but a proud parent for many students, glad to say I met her. :)

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