Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva

Change Your Mindset

What sort of mindset do you have?  Are you a positive or negative thinker?  Are you optimistic or pessimistic?  Are you hopeful or doubtful?  Do you complain or pray?  Do you sink or swim?

Our mindset and the way we think are powerful tools designed to either lift us up or bring us down.  The way we deal with problems, setbacks, hurdles and obstacles speak volumes about who we are on the inside.  Our outlook on life will be displayed to others by the way we think, speak and live.  What are you displaying to the world?

We don’t have the ability to schedule when our tragedies should come and go.  We must remember that tragedies are spontaneous, sudden and unplanned.  Just like God, they are not a respecter of persons.

Wouldn’t it be nice to plan every single event that occurs in our life? Sure, but this isn’t realistic.  What is realistic is the ability to change our mindset after each life occurrence.  So you’ve spent ten years in jail.  Is life over for you or just beginning?  Change the way you think, motivate yourself, flood your brain with knowledge and start making the right decisions for you and your family.

Maybe you lost your home and feel that your sense of security has been stripped from you.  You’re right, to some degree it has, but what is your next chess move?  How about roll up your sleeves, save your money and try to purchase again?

I know you’re probably thinking that I sound cocky and all of the above just doesn’t work for most people.  I have spent many days looking into my figurative mirror and changing certain things about myself especially my mindset.  That being said, I am very confident that we all can change the way we think and ultimately change our life just by telling ourselves that it is possible.

Don’t limit yourself.  Think better, live better and do better!!

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