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Launching My Kickstarter Project: Round 1

Kickstarter.com is a crowd funding platform for entrepreneurs who wish to publish a book or to produce a movie, television show, CD and more.

I launched my first Kickstarter project on April 28, 2014.  It took about two weeks to upload the files and showcase the highlights of Building Voices, an independent publishing company that specializes in Children’s Fiction.  I included testimonials from professionals in the industry in addition to my bio and pictures of various speaking events.  Also, I provided the readers with the synopsis to my first book, Little Kids, Big Voices: Broccoli Chronicles.

The day the project was launched, I mailed out letters and sent out emails to friends and family members soliciting their donations.  Also, I sent out various press releases to daily and weekly newspapers in addition to making frequent Facebook and Twitter posts.  I was extremely excited and felt that I had covered all bases.  I eventually realized that I should have promoted my project and sent out my press release way in advance, giving everyone enough time to run my story.

Although my Kickstarter project wasn’t successful the first time around, I still plan to publish my book Little Kids, Big Voices: Broccoli Chronicles in December 2014.  I will relaunch my Kickstarter project again in June 2014, in hopes of raising enough money to secure my editor and illustrator.  This time around, I will focus more on my book rather than the company.

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