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Is Self-Publishing Right For You? Question #4

Reasons to self-publish

Before you begin looking for publishers you should ask yourself, is self-publishing right for you?


4. Are you limited with marketing, publishing, and technology skills and would prefer someone to represent you?

Self-publishing demands that you wear multiple hats.  You are responsible for writing, marketing, publishing, sometimes editing, graphic design, and a list of other stuff.  As a self-publisher, you don’t have the luxury of just writing.  If you prefer to just write and never deal with the marketing or publishing side of the business, then maybe traditional publishing is a better route for you.


Self-publishers are multi-taskers who have a diverse skill set.  It’s becoming more popular to see that the author and the illustrator are the same person. In addition, many are learning how to to design their own websites and promotional materials.  Even more so, authors are now becoming publishers who bind and print their own books.

Traditional publishing is great route to take especially if your publisher has a solid marketing plan and can guarantee to sell at least 100,000 copies, but if you prefer to be your own boss, then self-publishing might be a better option.

You owe it to yourself to really investigate the pros and cons of self-publishing and whether you have the stomach to digest everything that it entails. Don’t short change yourself!

Is Self-Publishing Right For You?
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