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Is Self-Publishing Right For You? Question #1

Is self-publishing right for you?

Is self-publishing right for you? Here is one reason for why you should or shouldn’t self-publish your book.

1. Are you only interested in the milestone of publishing your book or do you plan to sell millions of copies?

Some people are only interested in publishing their book.  Their goal is neither to sell tons of copies nor to become rich.  Believe it or not, but some people are only interested in achieving milestones for the sake of self-gratification.  Well, what does that mean? 

Think of having a bucket list where the first item on your list is to become a published author.  Even more so, think about dedicating the next two to three years of your life simply to see your title in print or better yet, to see your book on Amazon.

There are many authors that rarely sell any books.  It’s not because the book is poorly written or that the main character is unforgettable.  It’s likely due to the lack of advertisement which as a result can hinder sales.

You’re probably wondering why would someone write a book and not advertise it?  Well, the answer is simple.  The creative side and the marketing side are two different things.  Some people are only wired to be creative and inventive, and are unable to tap into their left brain thinking in order to manage their book events, attend book fairs, or organize book signings.  The marketing aspect is a different animal to tame and therefore some people don’t have the desire to do it.  Some are pleased with just scratching that item off of their bucket list.  Is that you?

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