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How are you and your book different?

As a left brain thinker who focuses primarily on deadlines, organization, and planning, I had to tap into my creative side when designing both Building Voices, my indie publishing company, and Little Kids, Big Voices, my children’s book series. Building Voices and Little Kids, Big Voices are more than just a name. There is a meaning behind both. Many people are simply creating titles just for the sake of starting a business, but I’m more interested in creating a movement.

How have we distinguished ourselves from the competition?

First, it’s the message that we are sending to parents, teachers, librarians, and educational officials that the voice of children matter. Second, it’s the multi-skill set of products and materials that we produce. Our first coloring book is not only intended as a fun and stimulating activity for children, it can possibly improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Third, the Little Kids, Big Voices website has tons of resources and teaching tools for educators and librarians. There are printable worksheets, articles about the common core standards, and activities for students.

Being a teacher for over ten years’ has shown me how important educational resources are for parents and teachers.

Broccoli Chronicles, my first chapter book, has a really inspiring main character, a highly desirable front and back cover, and tons of fun and catchy illustrations. Many self-publishers aren’t able to get editorial reviews because the reviewers are inundated with books from the top publishers, but I have found a solution to this problem. I was able to get book reviews from colleagues, people who devote their time to molding, shaping, and educating children. The reviews are showcased inside of the book and one review, written by a current Assistant Principal, is displayed on the back cover. These reviews show that the educational community believe in my work.

In addition to the creative side, I spend a lot of time with marketing as well as giving back to the community.  Several weeks ago, my non-profit organization, TCD Kids Foundation, donated about 20+ books to kids of military families in Torrance, CA.  In February, I’m scheduled to attend a book signing event at an Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA.  Also, I constantly pass out bookmarks to teachers, local libraries, and churches.

Some say that the sky is the limit.  Well, for me, there is no limit.  We should push to reach even higher; higher beyond what our eyes can see and our mind can comprehend.  I plan to challenge myself.

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