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Did you write today?

Did you write today?

If so, what did you write about? How did it make you feel? Did you disappear and dive into the world of each character or did you write from the surface level stand point? Did your characters come alive or were they stagnant on the page?

Everyone’s writing experience is different because we are different. And the way it makes us feel is different too.

I spent a large part of my afternoon thinking about Myrtle Beckle, the main character from Broccoli Chronicles. I couldn’t help to think about my journey in writing that piece and how real she is to me. She had become a part of my family, my life rather. I wondered how the story would change if I’d had picked another name for her or perhaps another title. Would the story still have the same impact or effect on those that read it? What if Myrtle didn’t wear glasses and was more of a model and not a nerd? Would she still be admired and adored?

I’d like to think that every decision that was made had a purpose and meant something. That the underlying message about family, dreams, love, and friendship will shine through each word that was written.

If you wrote something today, think about the experience and the impression it left on you. How close have you gotten to it? Please share!

1 thought on “Did you write today?

  1. I didn’t necessarily write today, I just wrote down an Idea for the second chapter. But thank you for this article!

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