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Aspiring Writers: Critique Your Query Letter & Synopsis (Tip 5)

Tip 5 of 6 Tips for Aspiring Writers

You’ve spent the last few weeks condensing your 100+ page manuscript into a one to two page summary. You have all of the right components and now you are ready to send it off to an agent. Right before you do that, make sure that you get a second opinion. Whether you hire an editor or critiquer, you need to test if your hook immediately grabs their attention.

They will evaluate your hook, summary, and author’s bio. Also, they will alert any minor grammatical or spelling errors. Usually through Track Changes, they will correct the mistakes for you and provide a brief summary at the end which lists some pros and cons for you to focus on.

Now you are ready to revise your query letter and synopsis using the feedback that they gave you. You may need to revise these items up to ten times and possibly even more before it’s ready to send out to agents. Don’t rush this process. It takes time!

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Aspiring Writers Tip 6

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