Chino Hills Barnes and Noble has tons of fun events for families such as: meet and greets, book readings and signings, and even art demonstrations.

Broccoli Chronicles by Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva and Alvina Kwong available at Barnes and Noble.

My staff and I have had the pleasure of participating in 2 events at this location. There is always a great turnout and support from the community. Not only did we sell a bunch of books, but we were able to put a smile on tons of faces.

Meet authors Taneeka and Alvina at the Chino Hills Barnes and Noble.

The Chino Hills staff are extremely friendly and the store is very inviting. Most of all, Amy, one of the managers, rocks big time! If you live in the Chino Hills area, please stop by their store and show your support! For more information about Broccoli Chronicles or Rock-a-bye Baby in Hawai’i, visit

Meet authors Taneeka and Alvina at the Chino Hills Barnes and Noble.


Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva is an authorpreneur, teacher, blogger, educational consultant, and writing coach. She wrote the award-winning Broccoli Chronicles and is the CEO of Building Voices and TCD Kids Foundation. She tweets at @taneekabdasilva.

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