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Book Format: The Spine

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The spine is a large component of the book’s format. It is the outer material that binds and holds the pages together.

Bookbinding has been around for centuries. Whether you use a perfect bound or saddle stitch binding, having a professional spine will distinguish you from the amateurs.

The Front Cover

Here are six things that are needed on a spine:
1. The title
2. The series title and volume number (if applicable)
3. The author’s name
4. The illustrator’s name (if applicable)
5. The publisher
6. Your logo

The spine is part of the book's format

In addition to your spine including certain information, it should be visually appealing, clean, crisp, and readable. Here are three things to avoid!

The Back Cover

1. Do not use fancy fonts that are too hard to read. It is very important that your customers are able to quickly locate and read the title of your book.

2. Do not use a background color that drowns out your title. Customers are often antsy and prefer to locate things immediately. A hidden title can hinder your chances of closing a sale.

3. Do not put too many items on your spine. Your title, authors name, publisher, logo, etc are pretty much all you need. Too many words or items can cause your spine to look busy and a busy spine can be unappealing to customers.

The Copyright Page


Four tips to remember!
1. Make sure that your spine is full of color.

2. Make sure that your spine is appealing – be careful of using too many different fonts and fonts that are hard to read!

3. Make sure that your spine is cohesive – be sure to hire someone with experience in Adobe Indesign.

4. Make sure that your spine is professional – be sure to hire a company that specializes in binding.

The Blurb

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