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Book Format: Designing the Perfect Cover for Your Book

Formatting your book primarily the front cover can be a scary first experience, but it is the glue that binds it all together. It is the first thing that customers see as they roam the aisles in the bookstore. A unique, colorful, and intriguing cover might prompt the customer to pick it up and buy it, which for the author, equates to dollar signs. And an amateur or dim cover will most likely get overlooked.

New authors seem to rush intricate parts of the book due to time restraints or limited budget allotments, but every nuance of your book deserves the appropriate time to flush out any kinks it might have.

I roam down the book aisle at least twice a week. I’m always curious to see which books catch my eye. It’s something about the font, cover design, or even the positioning of the author’s name that captures my attention. This is the reaction you want your customers to experience when they see your book!

Keep in mind, every book cover must have the following 3 items!

  1. Your title
  2. An illustration
  3. The author or illustrator credits

Some authors include the publisher’s name or series title, but for the most part, these three items are the only things that you must include. If you are unsure of your cover, then hire a book layout developer or graphic designer. Or visit a local bookstore and just place your book on the shelves and ask customers for their opinion. If they like it, then it might be a winner, if not, then go back to the drawing board and try again!

Book Format: Front Cover

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