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I am an award-winning author, educator, blogger, and entrepreneur. I am the author of the new children’s book series, Little Kids, Big Voices. In my spare time, I love reading and writing children’s books, primarily easy readers and chapter books. I also enjoy volunteering at my church and giving back to the community. My favorite vegetable is broccoli and my favorite beverages are blue cream soda and sweet tea.

My first book, Broccoli Chronicles won three literary awards: the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award in Children’s Fiction, Honorable Mention in Foreword Reviews’ 2014 ‪INDIEFAB‬ Book of the Year Awards for Juvenile Fiction, and silver place for the 2015 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for Juvenile Fiction!

Some of my article’s and books have been featured in the Merced Sun Star, the Children’s Writer’s Guild, the Big Bear Grizzly, the Chapman Alumni Blog, VoyageLA, and in other media.

What people are saying

“Taneeka is knowledgeable, professional and caring. She inspires her students to think and compose various genres of literature despite their learning disabilities. I was very impressed when her students presented their work at Open House.” –Dr. Erica Pan, Education Specialist

“Taneeka is a leader, a team player and an amazing teacher who is abreast of her field. Her presentation and writing abilities are original and fresh. She possesses the necessary skills to rescue any struggling writer.”–Sheneska Jackson, Published Author

“Taneeka is a passionate and creative writer. She speaks to the heart, whether teaching or writing, and addresses issues and concerns, according to what is best for each individual student.”–Sharon Lee, MA in Education

Top articles

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“Writer’s Don’t Get Discouraged” (Published on Children’s Writer’s Guild)

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“Find the Right Editor” (Published on Children’s Writer’s Guild)

My projects

It is proven that 15 minutes per day of reading improves vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and overall knowledge expansion. So that’s why I created Reading Builds Character, a nationwide reading initiative to encourage more kids to devote their time to reading. Regardless of your busy life, please find time to read to your children each night for bedtime. Their brains will thank you later!

In 2008, I started TCD Kids Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers tutoring, enrichment programs, and community awareness to youth and in 2011, I started Building Voices, an independent publishing company that specializes in children’s fiction. Please contact me for more details.

Award-winning Broccoli Chronicles

Ten-year-old Myrtle Beckle lives on Sugarbird Lane with Blabbermouth Samantha and the No Eating Vegetable Club. This vegetable patrol has banned every kid on their block from eating any vegetables, which is why they mock Myrtle, the vegetable nerd, for her bizarre fascination with broccoli. While dodging their antics, Myrtle plants broccoli seeds in her backyard in hopes of one day becoming a scientist and finding a cure for cancer through broccoli. This humorous, educational, and inspiring chapter book, filled with secret clubs, rivalry, broccoli experiments, and more, proves that the voice of a child should never be ignored.

Chapter 1 (preview)

Mr. Doodlebug, the juggling clown, was thirty minutes late.  He hosted every kid’s birthday party here on Sugarbird Lane.  It was the golden rule. 

          “Where is he?” I asked Rachel, my older sister.

          “Where is who?”

“The clown!” I barked, hoping that he would jump out from behind the bushes and surprise me.  He was famous for his super-fantastico juggling act.  The number of balls he juggled depended on how old you were.  I couldn’t wait to see ten balls spinning in the air. 

          “He’ll be here, Myrtle.  Don’t be such a worry bug.”  Rachel treated me like a little kid.  She was only thirteen, but acted as though she were one of the grown-ups.

          “And that’s what you guys said last year.”

          Rachel didn’t respond.  She just huffed and walked away.

I started counting: 100, 99, 98, 97…  By negative ten there was still no clown.  Is it possible that Papa forgot again?  It didn’t seem fair.  My mom never forgot.

Please check out my other books here! I tweet at @taneekabdasilva.

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