Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva

6 Tips for Aspiring Writers

1. Write your story: Focus on setting, plot, character development, etc.

2. Join a writing group: Try to get constructive criticism and feedback from your peers.

3. Hire a developmental editor and/or a copy editor: Make sure your manuscript is polished.

4. Draft your query letter and synopsis: Spend some time condensing your 100 page manuscript into 1-2 pages.

5. Critique your query letter and synopsis: Hire someone to analyze your pitch and whether or not you immediately grab the reader’s attention.

6. Submit your query, synopsis, and manuscript to publishers: Purchase the ‘Guide to Literary Agents’ in order to research publishers in your specific genre.

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Aspiring Writers Tip 3
Aspiring Writers Tip 4
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Aspiring Writers Tip 6

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